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  • Can Learning Based Approaches Take Root in Natural Resource Management?

    Editors: Hemant R Ojha, Andy Hall and Rasheed Sulaiman V

    Publication Year: 2011

    The book advances the frontiers of adaptive learning and collaborative governance on two key fronts. It offers in-depth explanation of why adaptive collaborative approaches are slow to emerge and expand, and how different types of constraints and challenges affect the process. The book has highlighted that, the major challenges experienced are related to dealing with traditional reductionist science, balancing research and action in the process, dealing with institutional environments, managing sponsorship, and organizing collaborative actions. Moreover, it documents and highlights on-the-ground struggles of promoters and facilitators of adaptive collaborative approaches (ACA) and identifies lessons. The contributors of this book have captured experiences of applying an adaptive collaborative approach in some of the most fragile and unstable situations of Zimbabwe and Nepal in the early years of the new millennium and also capturing experiences of rapid agricultural modernization taking place in Ecuador and South-East Asia.

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