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ForestAction is governed by a board of national experts and has a dedicated team of industrious members and staff in different spheres. In addition, it works closely with a number of reputed consultants in the specialized area. It has a coordinator who is nominated by the Executive Board on a revolving basis normally for two years. The coordinator provides overall leadership to the organization, coordinates activities within the operational themes and projects, represents the organization at national and international levels, and promotes networking and partnership.

Governing Board

ForestAction has an independent governing board elected by its general members which currently comprises of following members:


     Mr. Khem Raj Dahal


     Mr. Nirmal Kumar B.K. 

Member Secretary

     Mr. Krishna P. Paudel, Ph.D


     Ms. Anita Shrestha


     Prof. Ram B. Chhetri, Ph.D

     Mr. Netra P. Timsina, Ph.D

     Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh, Ph.D

     Ms. Rama Ale Magar

     Ms. Bidhya Bhattarai


Organizational Chart

 Organization Chart


Annual reports

  • Annual Report 2014
    This year, our engagement is focused on Critical Action Research (CAR) and policy advocacy, ...


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